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Why You Should Choose Sandwich Painting Technology of Color Contact Lenses

May 19,2022 | Lensweets

Have you ever wondered: Your contact lenses may dye your eyes?

Many people buy on impulse when they see attractive and cheap color lenses, but few people pay attention to the manufacturing technique of color lenses.

Most of the color lenses on the market are printed, dyed, and coated. Without technical support, to save costs, A layer of color and pattern is printed on the surface of the lens, and the pigment layer will be in direct contact with the eyes. The pigments directly dyed on the lens surface are easy to peel off. If the pigment falls off, it will irritate the eyes and even cause keratitis and fundus hemorrhage in serious cases. If the pigment is exposed on the surface of the lens, it will not only increase the roughness of the lens surface but also cause more bacteria and microorganisms to adhere to it, again increasing the risk of color fading.

But one of the world's best color contact technology has been born. Are you curious about a lens production technology that causes no harm to your eyes at all? If yes, you have come to the right website because we have got you covered with all the necessary information you want!

In this article, we will explain the safest color contact painting technology that we use in Lensweets contact lenses - Sandwich painting technology.  

What is sandwich painting technology?

The sandwich painting tech is the latest and commonly used in the formation process of colored contact lenses. In this technology, the color pigment is placed between two lenses to avoid direct contact of the pigment with your eye for more safety. Just like a sandwich at your dinner table, nutritious food is securely sandwiched between two slices of bread.

The color pigment is incorporated in the middle of the contact lens. In this way, the color remains intact without increasing the lens's thickness. Therefore, it ensures safety for not only your eye but also comfort.

Benefits of the sandwich technology used in color contact lenses

Out of the several benefits that the sandwich technology used in color contact lenses, here we have listed some of them:

  • It protects people from eye discomfort and itching by wearing contact lenses, such as myopia, corneal abrasion, eye infections, etc.
  • It avoids direct contact of the eye with the color pigment.
  • It provides protection and safety to your eyes and keeps them away from any harsh substance or chemical.
  • It protects the eyes from the damage and harm that other non-sandwich and dyeing technologies cause.
  • The color pigment is incorporated in the middle of the lens, resistant to fading.
  • Contacts Lenses with power can correct your vision, offer clarity in the vision, and guarantee your eye health.

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Harms of dyeing techniques and non-sandwich technologies

Most contact lens makers use the 'dyeing' technique to form color contact lenses. They do it for economical purposes to avoid spending too much. Compromising on the quality is undoubtedly cheaper, and also comes with numerous health risks related to your eye.

Some significant disadvantages of non-sandwich techniques are as follows:

  • It might cause serious eye infections, allergies, and diseases, including impaired vision and potential blindness.
  • The color contact lenses with non-sandwich technology might cost you extra in the longer term.
  • These lenses might not be clear and smooth enough because of surface roughness by directly dyeing. Ultimately, they might cause scratches on the cornea.
  • They are extremely unsafe.
  • They are vulnerable to sand and dust.
  • They might get fade with time.

Final Word

In a nutshell, always buy products that look elegant and ensure your health and safety. The color contact lenses made through different non-sandwich techniques might cause significant harm to your eyes because they are highly unsafe.

Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing color contact lenses that use sandwich painting technology for the best safety. Check out our website for some dreamy contact lenses that are pretty and ensure complete safety. Wait no more, and go check out our fantastic collection right now by clicking here!

Colored contact lenses have become extremely popular among young people. The trend of wearing colored contact lenses to look beautiful is increasing day by day. They make your eyes look dreamy and enhance the appearance and size of your eyes.