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What Eye Makeup Works Well with Your Colored Contact Lenses?

Aug 04,2022 | Lensweets

Dear customers: are you having trouble with your eye makeup? Do you feel like your eye makeup is just not quite matching up to your overall look? The problem might be that you’re not taking the right approach. Only by combining your eyeshadow with the right lenses, you’ll create a look that is more alluring, energetic, and unique. Here, we have compiled different series of colored contact lenses and matching eye makeup ideas to help you express your personality and show your one-of-a-kind charm.

Natural Series

This series has some of our most popular collections, including Ocean, 3-Tone, and Premium. They range from natural to bold, exquisite to niche, wild to sexy; whether you prefer elegant makeup, seductive makeup, or sweet makeup, in this series, you can instantly have large, sparkling eyes that will pair well with various styles of makeup and bring you confidence and beauty.

Mel Prescription Monthly Colored Contacts

The Mel colored contacts feature pure but subtle yellow tones designed to brighten your eyes. When you wear these lenses, you can pair them with simpler eye makeup. As shown in the picture below, even just light brown eyeshadow is enough to make your eyes look glamorous. If you want more vibrancy, though, you can't go wrong with other single-color eyeshadow.

3-Tone Green Prescription Monthly Colored Contacts

These lenses feature three colorful tones; the dark inner ring and the light green middle ring are contained within an irregular black outer ring, which instantly enlarges your eyes. Such a unique color combination can make your face look even more striking. If you want to try these lenses, abstract eye makeup can be a good choice. As shown in the picture below, a combination of various bright eye shadows will easily win people's admiration.


Fresh Series

This series features fresh, solid tones and vivid, girly patterns, including the popular New York, Neon, and Star collections. In this series, you can choose patterns you like and watch them bloom in your eyes. For lovers of heavy makeup and party makeup, this series is an excellent choice.

Pixie Blue Prescription Monthly Colored Contacts

The Pixie Blue lenses are designed with a light inner ring and a dark outer ring to create halos in your eyes and to offer the best coverage of your natural color, whether dark or light. As for eye makeup, you can choose gray, black, or other heavy-toned eye shadows to match, and blue and orange eye shadows work even better! When you mix blue and orange, your eyes naturally exude more energy.

New York Brown Prescription Monthly Colored Contacts

Featuring a warm brown hue highlighted by a dark outer ring, these lenses are designed to blend perfectly with any eye color. Light hitting the translucent streaks allows your natural color to peek through for an elevated and vivid look. For these contacts, you can try neon eye makeup or party makeup, using a variety of bright eye shadows to enhance the layered colors of the lenses.


 Dream Series

The Dream series features colorful designs that can represent youth, hope, and confidence, comprising the Dreamlike, Rainbow, and Firmament collections. Red for love, green for new beginnings, yellow for warmth and sunshine, blue for calmness, pink for femininity and kindness... so many colors with so many meanings! As seen in our Rainbow Neon Blue Prescription Monthly Colored Contacts, these lenses are designed with sparkling patterns like stars, the moon, and rainbow, making your eyes present fascinating starry sky or colorful ringed nebula in the universe. Why not choose to go even more colorful by wearing rainbow eye makeup to boldly represent your vibrant personality?


Cosplay Series

If you are looking for colored contact lenses for your cosplay or theme party, check out the cosplay series, which includes the Blind, Cat Eye, and Mesh collections. Lensweets provide colored contact lenses with more coverage and color rendering index than average, making the lenses the best decoration to complete your freaky makeup of the devil, zombie, ghost, skeleton, witch, zombie, vampire, and so on.

Nonno Red Prescription Monthly Colored Contacts

Who doesn't want to have beautiful eyes like Bella in the Twilight Saga? After wearing the nonno red contact lenses, your eyes will be the same as Bella's. The red perfectly covers the original iris color and transforms you into a vampire of noble blood.

Mesh White Monthly Colored Contacts

No matter how many different lenses there are, mesh white contact lenses are still the best choice for spooky makeup. They cover your iris and pupil with white grid-like patterns, adding extra realism and horror to all outfits. And they are also suitable for characters with eyes that appear clouded or those who lack pupils, such as ghosts, skeletons, devils, and more. 


 The right eye makeup and matched colored contact lenses not only take your makeup to another level but also help you easily express your personality and show your charm. We at Lensweets invite you to keep these makeup ideas in mind to create a fantastic look and experience the joy of wearing different colored contact lenses.