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A Guide to the Contact Lenses' Diameter and the Coloring Diameter

Apr 26,2022 | Lensweets

Are you a fashion enthusiast who loves to wear different contact lenses? Are you struggling with getting the information about the contact lenses' diameter and coloring diameter? If yes, then you have landed on the rightmost website because we have got you covered!

What is the diameter of contact lenses?

We are all familiar with the contact lens's diameter (DIA) that the larger the diameter of the contact lens, the larger the lens that represents it. DIA of contact lens is usually measured in millimeters (mm). Usually, the diameter of color contact lenses lies in the range of 13.0 mm to 15.0 mm. The human iris ranges in size from 11-13 mm. So you can see that color contact lenses can make quite an enlargement effect on the size of our iris.


What is the coloring diameter of a contact lens?

The coloring diameter of a contact lens is different from the normal diameter. The coloring diameter of a contact lens (CDIA) accounts for the enlargement effect.

The colored contact lenses also come in different sizes and diameters, just like the non-colored ones. The coloring diameter of contact lenses lies from 11.0 mm to 13.0 mm. But, the colored contact lenses might be a bit thicker than the normal ones.


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The difference between the contact lens's diameter and the coloring diameter of the contact lenses

The contact lens's diameter is responsible for the comfort of the eye. It only covers the iris of your eye, but also creates an outer rim outside the iris boundary. This diameter is also somehow responsible for making the eye look bigger in normal circle contact lenses.

On the other hand, the coloring diameter completely accounts for the impression that contact lenses would create on your eyes. They are also responsible for the enlargement effect.

No doubt bigger diameters enhance the look of your iris making your eye look pop out and pretty. However, girls these days have started to switch to colored contact lenses with smaller diameters. They look more natural and instantly bring out the whole look together.

Effect of contact lens diameter on the eye

The diameter of the contact lenses is as much important as the power and the base curve (BC) are. It demonstrates the eye part on which contact lenses will rest. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider the correct diameter of your contact lenses according to your prescription.

The too large diameter of contact lenses

Undoubtedly, the large diameters of contact lenses make the eye look more prominent and elegant. However, too large diameters can cause serious discomfort.

If it is extra wide, it will eventually get loose by moving around too much, and hence, it might slip out of your eye as well. Moreover, it will leave an unnatural impression making your eye look weird instead of beautiful.

The too-small diameter of contact lenses

If the diameter of the contact lenses is too small, they will feel tight in your eyes causing extreme discomfort and irritation.

Moreover, too small diameters of contact lenses may also cause eye itchiness and corneal abrasions.

Final Words

In a nutshell, an 14.0 mm to 14.5 mm diameter would normally work for most eyes if you are looking for enlarging effect. On the other hand, the diameter is not the bigger, the better, and it is necessary to consider your eyes size and your makeup.

Always try, and pay attention to the healthy wearing of contact lenses. The scientific choice is the most important!