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2022 Must-have Halloween Colored Contact Lenses and Makeup Ideas

Sep 15,2022 | Lensweets

It’s time to prepare your makeup looks for Halloween, makeup artists! As an excellent accessory for cosplay and a unique element that takes any Halloween costume over the top, colored contact lenses should be at the top of your Halloween buying lists. We at Lensweets have prepared multicolor options of Halloween contact lenses to help you complete any Halloween makeup look you want. If you haven't decided what makeup to wear on Halloween night, we’ve also compiled some makeup ideas to help you stand out, ranging from beautiful fairies to creepy devils and from dreamlike princesses to mysterious vampires.

White Contact Lenses

The best-selling and most popular Halloween contact lenses are always white contacts. It’s easy to see why, as they are creepy and ideal for many cosplay costumes and makeup looks. Our white lenses feature unique patterns and white backgrounds, adding extra realism and horror to any character you play, whether it’s a ghost, a skeleton, a devil, or something else.


If you’re going as a devil, try our Mesh White Contacts to complete your demonic makeup look. These lenses will cover your iris and pupil with white grid-like patterns and instantly create a truly evil effect by giving the illusion that there is no pupil in your eyes.

Blind Character

For a blind character? Our Blind White Contacts are an excellent choice to transform your eye color into total white. Even if your original eye color is very dark, these lenses will completely cover it with their higher coverage and color rendering index.


Red Contact Lenses

Whether you are the deceased in Day of the Dead of Mexico or a zombie from the TV series The Walking Dead, we look forward to seeing your creative characters with these creepy red lenses!


The great thing about dressing up as a zombie is that you can go as crazy as you like. It’s time to unleash your demonic side with our Walking Dead Red Contacts. They are designed with a white background and a bright red blood pattern in the center, creating an illusion of gore for your Halloween makeup look.


Dangerous but charming, vampires are the most mysterious and popular creatures on Halloween night. If you want to dress up as a vampire to stand out from the crowd, try our Reptile Red Contacts. Their classic black vertical pupil and scarlet background will transform you into a vampire of noble blood.  


Blue Contact Lenses 

Halloween colored contacts don’t always have to be creepy. You can be cute, charming, and unique with any of our blue contact lenses. 


Blue evokes the serenity and mystery of magical creatures in the evening and the ocean sparkling in the sunlight. Put on our New York Blue Contacts to give yourself a doll-like appearance and dazzling blue eyes, just like an innocent princess living in a castle. With the help of these lenses, your eye color will change to a natural ice blue tint.


A colorful and amusing cat appearance is ideal for Halloween. When you wear cat makeup, don’t forget to try our vivid Ragdoll Cat Blue Contacts. They can also add fashion and originality to your cosplay costume.


Green Contact Lenses

Whether applied to lovely or spooky makeup looks, green contact lenses can always be helpful for different needs.


Halloween doesn’t mean you have to go as something scary or a character. A stunning fairy look is a very attractive option for Halloween. When wearing our Twilight Green Contacts, a full forest will blossom in your eyes, adding a unique charm to your fairy makeup look. You will attract everyone’s attention when you enter the Halloween party.

The Conjurer

Complete your mysterious magician look with vibrant green lenses! Try our Nonno Green Contacts, and you will find that everyone will be hypnotized by your green eyes on Halloween night.


Purple Contact Lenses

When it comes to quirky Halloween makeup looks, you may ignore the infinite possibilities of purple contacts. Our Midsummer Purple Contacts, designed with dazzling stars and without pupils, will make your eyes brighter and spookier. They may be wonderful accessories if you want to experiment with stunning Halloween makeup, like witch or space eye makeup.


Yellow Contact Lenses

Who doesn’t like playful and cute clowns? If you want to wear simple Halloween makeup, clown makeup can be the best choice. It is also one of the most popular Halloween makeup looks. When you're going to dress up as a clown, let our Twilight Yellow Contacts help you complete your clownish makeup appearance. Unique eye makeup paired with a classic threatening smile is your secret weapon to stand out at the Halloween party.


In addition to the makeup looks and colored contact lens styles for Halloween shown above, you can check out our website for more inspiration. We are prepared for you on Halloween night this year. Come in and choose the makeup and lenses you prefer!